Cryptocurrency tipbot - send and receive Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other on Discord! (free samples included)

Discordtip Commands Prefix: ! (changeable)

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Created By: unko#3680


Command Description
!tip user amount Sends coins to a member or a group of users.
@here will tip all online users on the channel.
@everyone will tip every online member of the server.
@role (like @Staff) will tip every online member of a group.
$active tips online people who spoke recently.
Tipping a group of users will split the tip amount amongst the online of them, unless the each keyword is added after the amount.
Only 50 members can be tipped in a single tip.
Fiat value tips (dollars, coffees etc.) will be converted to the default server's cryptocurrency.
!balance Displays your confirmed balance for the default or specified currency.
!deposit Displays your deposit address for the default or specified currency.
!withdraw address amount Withdraw coins from the bot to a wallet. DM only
!faucet Receive coins for votes.
!config Bot configuration. Server admins only
!monikers Shows a list of tippable values.
!top List of the top tippers on your server.
!currencies List of currencies supported.
!convert value Shows conversion rates for different cryptos.