Anti-drama bot with moderator voting, auto-modding, user/message reporting, and petitions.

Created By: Uhtred#9007


Ohtred was born out of my experience moderating very active Discord servers.

We all know that when the users start arguing, the mods step in.

But when the mods starts arguing, who steps in?

If you're a mod, you know my pain. And so does Ohtred.

With Ohtred, you can prevent this situation from ever happening.

He prevents drama, builds consensus, and gives the mods peace of mind.

Democracy! ✋

  • Propose ideas to the #mod-vote channel with a simple command
  • Upon reaching X :upvote: it is announced as a "Success" on the mod-announcements page
  • Upon reaching X :downvote: it is "rejected" as a "Failure" on the mod-announcements page
  • Suggestions in #feedback (for non-mods) that go up to X upvotes are proposed as "petitions"
  • From my experience, even combative mods will accept a result that is automatically posted

Damage Control 🔥

  • Messages with X :report: reactions are automatically deleted and archived in #report-log
  • Any attachments are externally uploaded to prevent CDN deletion
  • The reported message's author is muted for X seconds
  • Auto-moderate channels with the Perspective API, along customizable metrics such as NSFW and personal attacks

The Embassy (NEW!) 🌿

  • The embassy can be set to any channel in your server. In it's description set the ID of another server with Ohtred
  • If that server also sets up an embassy and puts YOUR ID in their description...
  • Then any messages sent on either embassy will be sent to the other one.
  • Use it for diplomacy, inter-server events, or even just plain fun

Metrics 📐

  • Auto-display the number of online users with a simple 🔺 prefix on a channel or category name
  • Analyze the chance of an announcement to be negatively percieved before sending it
  • Translate messages in dozens of languages from Welsh to Arabic to Yiddish to Tagalog
  • Give distinguished users a command to ping mods with a canned alert (restrict mod pings to only alerts)

And More

  • Generate meme captions for images
  • Kick, ban, unban, role, and timed mute commands
  • Custom prefixes!
  • A super sexy bot page
  • A support server manned by my bro LunarShadows

Coming soon!

  • natural.js machine-learning for auto-removing near-match banned words (both spelling-wise and phoenetically)\
  • Auto-generated external IP verification pages for banned users making an appeal
  • Auto-translator-to-English in channels where it is enabled

Setup and Commands


    @Ohtred analyze [metric] [text] to predict if a message follows the metric (15 metrics to choose from)
    NEW! @Ohtred translate [language] [text] to translate a message to the specified language
    NEW! @Ohtred meme [url] [caption] to auto-scale and generate a fresh meme


    @Ohtred mute/unmute/ban/unban/kick/role [user/role]
Approved Roles

    @Ohtred propose [text] to send a proposal to the modvoting channel
    @Ohtred alert [severity 1-4] to alert mods to an altercation (my server bans pinging mods but allows approved users to alert)

Admin Only

    NEW! @Ohtred motion [threshold] [description] - an admin only command that sends a proposal with a custom vote threshold

    @Ohtred channel [modvoting|modannounce|modactivity|feedback|reportlog] [channel] to link one of the features to a channel
    @Ohtred emote [upvote|downvote|report|prefix] [emote_name] to set the name of the emote to its corresponding mechanic
    @Ohtred permit [rolename] to permit a rolename to interact with me
    @Ohtred unpermit [rolename] to remove a role from interacting with me
    @Ohtred reportable [channel] to add a channel to the list where messages are reportable

    @Ohtred unreportable [channel] to remove a channel from the reportable list

    @Ohtred config [mod_upvote|mod_downvote|petition_upvote|report_vote] [count] to set a voting threshold

    @Ohtred counter [interval 1-50] to set the change in # of users online in order to update the counter
    @Ohtred report_time [number 10+] to set the amount of time a user gets muted for a report

Discord Bots

Bot Invite Link
Support Server
Special thanks to Yandex and PerspectiveAPI for their fantastic APIs 🍻