Bump Bot


A bot that allows you to advertise your discord server every 24 hours.

Bump Bot Commands Prefix: ? (customizable) or @mention

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Created By: TIM# 4935

Bump Bot

Bump your server on 7 servers with a total of 7,600+ users once every 24 hours!
We host regular bump events allowing you to bump every hour, amongst other things!
Bump Bot is trusted by over 320 unique servers!

Command Description
set-description [description] Set the description of your server that will be displayed to usersrequired to bump your server
set-invite [invite] Set the invite of your server that users will join withrequired to bump your server
set-banner [bannerurl] Set a banner image that will be displayed
preview Preview what your server will look like
bump Bump your server to all of our host servers
set-prefix [newprefixhere] Change the prefix used for the bot
reset-prefix Resets the prefix back to ?
vote Vote for the bot - the more votes we get the more features you get!
servers A list of servers that yours will be bumped to
support An invite to our support server, DSL
get-premium Purchase lifetime premium for one of your servers for £1