Memeify your friends' messages with AI.

GoodBot Commands Prefix: ! or custom


Created By: Elohiem# 2021

This is GoodBot.

GoodBot's main purpose is to predict a meme from text. He's trained with over 100k memes for 70 different templates.
Command him to memeify your friends' messages or create your own.


Preferably you should follow the structure of a known meme if you want good results. You can assist the AI greatly by including keywords.
Here are 2 examples that will result in the same meme:

!memeify brace yourself for the patchnotes
!memeify the patchnotes are coming

Non-existing words will result in poor template predictions. You can check confidence in prediction with the debug command.

List of commands

Memeify the last message with AI.
!memeify [text]
Memeify your message with AI.
!imeme [text, text]
Memeify the last image in the channel. Use a comma to split your text.
!meme [number] [text, text]
Memeify a template from the list. Use a comma to split your text.
List all usable templates and their number.
Toggle probability messages. (Permissions needed)
!prefix [text]
Change the prefix for this bot. Use _ as a space. (Permissions needed)