An economy/roleplay based bot where you can complete your job, make money, upgrade your equipment, and make more money!

About JobsBot

JobsBot is a fairly new economy based bot where the goal is to make lots of money, and then spend that money to make even more money!
With five different jobs to choose from to appeal to a variety of users, you can choose one of the jobs and begin to gather resources.
You can then either sell those resources for money, or convert them to other, more rare items. You can also craft certain items too!

Voting Rewards

Voting earns you rewards in the form of rare items, conversion tickets, or maids.
Conversion tickets allow you to convert common items into rare items. Maids passively bring you income without you needing to do anything!
You can level up your maids so they bring you even more money, and you can assign them a class to get benefits elsewhere in the bot!

Other Features

  • Businesses: Create or join a business to invest your money and items to increase its profits and lower the taxes!
  • Stockmarket: Invest some of your money into stocks of varying degrees of risk. Make sure you buy them low and sell them high!
  • Spouse: Get married to another user! Purchase them gifts to increase their "giftscore" to get on the leaderboards!
  • Daily: A daily command that gives you a free hundred dollars for every level you are in the bot!
  • References: Mark yourself as a reference for other users! A user with a lot of references is very popular indeed.
  • Gambling: Enjoy the thrill of gambling? You can bet your money on a coinflip.
  • Pets: Adopt a pet from the pet store and they'll bring you items every three hours. Rumor has it theres even a dragon lurking about.
  • Boosters: Spend some cash to increase your revenue from maids, your items from your pet, or decrease the chance at failing when you do your job!
  • Leaderboards (Global): See who has the most money, the highest level, and whose spouse loves them the most!


Be able to make a child with your spouse, and your children will help pay the bills once they turn 18!
Business upgrades, including profits, taxes, production quotas, and more! Level up your business by donating items to make a product!
Pet upgrade trees and training classes. Can you make your pet the very best, like no one ever was?
Guild leaderboards, instead of just global.
There are a ton of planned features for the bot.

Frequent updates will be had in the future! Join the support server for bonuses, giveaways, and more!

A full list of commands with aliases can be found on our website: