Apollo Bot


A multipurpose bot with constant updates and patches everything in the bot is either suggested by the users or by the developers

Apollo Bot Discord Command List

Fun Commands

pop get the population of any country that is on the api

horriblejoke It's a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY bad joke. Trust me.

lifehack Learn a new way to hack life, one at a time.

hack Hack someone's account! Try it!

anim Animations! Usage: *anim [type]. For a list, use *anim list.

insult [user] insult someone! If you suck at insulting them yourself or can’t say it.

yomomma Sends a random yo momma joke. Outdated? Nah its still a thing

eightball Really desperate? Ask the 8ball for advice. Only yes/no questions!

punch Punches the specified user.

Math Commands

subtract That big MINUS. Usage: *subtract [no.1] [no.2]

multiply Multiply em. Git ready! Usage: *multiply [no.1] [no.2]

add ADD EM UP! Yep.

divide Divide em. Cut em. Idc. Usage: *multiply [no.1] [no.2]

calc [num1] [sign] [num2] Does some simple math for you.

Statistics Commands

roleinfo Get information about a role. Case Sensitive!

userinfo [user] Dig out that user info. Usage: *userinfo [tag user]

stats Statsies for this bot. Be a nerd!

serverinfo Get server info

Utility Commands

ping Premium ping pong giving you a web socket latency.

botinv Allow my bot to join the hood. YOUR hood.

discord We have an awesome hood to join, join now!

timer Counts down till it's over! Usage: *timer [time in secs]

ranint Usage: *ranint [least number][greatest number]. RanDOM!

rolldice Rolls a 6 sided die.

flipcoin Flip a coin. Any coin.

textface Get those dank/cool faces here. Type *textface list for a list.

avatar Returns a user's avatar URL. Use *av [user], or just *av for your own.