Circle is a simple utility Discord bot.

Created By: flatbird# 0001

Circle is a simple Discord utility bot.

It features simple logging, helpful commands, basic moderation, and more to assist the staff of your Discord server.

I'm open to suggestions and feedback, feel free to join the Discord Server if you'd like to contact me!


  • Web dashboard. Want to easily manage your server's settings? Easy! Just visit our dashboard
  • Basic Moderation. Need to kick, ban or unban someone? No problem!
  • Helpful Commands. Need to bulk delete messages, look at some birds, or get information on your server? Circle has got you covered!
  • Logging. Someone deleting messages? Want to keep track of your staff? Circle's logger module has got you covered.
  • Welcome and Goodbye messages. What can I say except you're welcome?
  • Autorole. Give users a role when they join.
  • Helpful Support. Need help with the bot? Join our Discord Server and someone will help right away.
  • More. Circle is always being improved and new features are always in development.