Event Nuker


Nuke your or your friends discord servers to make it valentine's themed. Get ready for the LOVING DAY 🌹

Created By: XkijuX# 6667

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

Event Nuker:

This bot was made for a competition back in October. It was called Halloween Nuker. After some time, I saw that the bot was something people wanted therefor I started to add more stuff to it and now its back for the NEW YEAR PARTY!!


• help – Gives you information about the commands
• nuke – Nukes your server ( used at your own risk )
• update – Shows the latest update
• unnuke – Removes the nuke added from the nuke command
• info – Gives you info about the bot
• invite  – Gives you the invite link for the support server and the bot !

Nuke filters:

These filters are added after the command +nuke [ filters ]

• -channel  ( Will make it so it won’t add emojis to the channel names )
• -role 	( Will make it so it won’t add emojis to role names )
• -colors   ( Will make it so the role colors won’t change )
• -name     ( Will make it so it won’t add emojis to peoples name ) 

The unnuke command will work again at January the 1st when the event is over!

Past Events:

  • Halloween (Finished)
  • Christmas (Finished)
  • New Year (Finished)
  • Valentine's (ongoing)

This bot was made by XkijuX#6667. Use this bot at your own risk!