A simple but fun item bot to fight with your friends!

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

This is the first public release of ThanBot, if you find any problems please report them to me by joining the discord or messaging the bot so that I can fix them, THANKS!

ThanBot features

  • Over 30 items to collect, with plans for more in the future!
  • Global leaderboard to show off who's the best
  • Rewarding leveling system
  • Currency for buying and selling items
  • Items and other data work cross-server
  • Expect occasional double experience weekends!

ThanBot Commands

Prefix : t-

  • help - Shows a list of commands
  • *NEW* vote - Vote for the bot to receive 4x item_box every 24 hours!
  • play - Adds you to the game IMPORTANT
  • use (ITEM) (@TARGET) - Use items on yourself or use weapons on others. Ex. t-use item_box
  • inv - Displays user info including items, health, level
  • item (ITEM) - Grabs information for specified item
  • points - Displays amount of points/xp
  • health - Shows your health
  • money - Displays amount of money you have
  • level - Displays current level
  • gamble (AMOUNT) - Minimum of $100, 50/50 chance of winning
  • hourly - Claim a free item_box every hour
  • trivia - Answer the question correctly for a random reward
  • shop - Displays buy/sell values of all items
  • buy (ITEM) (AMOUNT) - Purchase an item
  • sell (ITEM) (AMOUNT) - Sell an item
  • sellall (TYPE) - Sell every item of specific rarity
  • leaderboard - Global leaderboard command
  • cooldowns - Shows all your cooldowns
  • delete - WARNING, using this command will delete your account and all data, IT IS NON-RECOVERABLE
  • botinfo - Shows various bot info
  • There are many more examples on how to use these commands on the website

ThanBot Items

  • item_box - The most important item in the bot, open this to receive a random item!
  • health_pot - Use this to heal yourself.
  • ammo_box - Open this to receive random ammo for use with weapons.
  • There are more but these ones are important

Updates will usually be displayed in the status of ThanBot, if not then you can check specifics with the t-botinfo command

Thanks for checking my bot out, I hope you find it as much fun as I had making it

I am open to ideas for this bot. If you think of anything really cool, message the bot and I will decide if it really really cool enough to be added :)