Collect items and battle your friends!

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Lootcord features

    Over 40 items to collect, with plans for more in the future!

    Global leaderboard to show off who's the best

    Rewarding leveling system

    Currency for buying and selling items

    Items and other data work cross-server

Lootcord Commands

Prefix : t-


  • help - Shows a list of commands
  • play - Adds you to the game IMPORTANT
  • inv - Displays your info including items, health, level
  • leaderboard - Global leaderboard command
  • cd - Shows all your cooldowns
  • Games and Free Items

  • hourly - Claim a free item_box every hour
  • scramble (easy/hard) - Unscramble a random word for a prize (prize varies based on difficulty)
  • gamble (AMOUNT) - Minimum of $100, 50/50 chance of winning
  • trivia - Answer the question correctly for a random reward
  • vote - Vote for the bot every 12 hours to receive 1x ultra_box!
  • Items and fighting

  • use (ITEM) (@TARGET) - Use items on yourself or use weapons on others. Ex. t-use item_box
  • item (ITEM) - Grabs information for specified item
  • trade (@user) - Trade items and money with someone
  • shop - Displays buy/sell values of all items
  • buy (ITEM) (AMOUNT) - Purchase an item
  • sell (ITEM) (AMOUNT) - Sell an item
  • sellall (TYPE) - Sell every item of specific rarity
  • Other

  • delete - WARNING, using this command will delete your account and all data, IT IS NON-RECOVERABLE
  • deactivate - Deactivate your account for specific server, disabling your commands but preventing users in the server from attacking you. 24 hour cooldown.
  • update - Shows update and bot information
  • health - Shows your health
  • money - Displays amount of money you have
  • level - Displays current level
  • points - Displays amount of points/xp
  • There are many more examples on how to use these commands on the website

Lootcord Items

  • item_box - The most important item in the bot, open this to receive a random item!
  • health_pot - Use this to heal yourself.
  • ammo_box - Open this to receive random ammo for use with weapons.
  • For a full list, visit the website!

Updates will usually be displayed in the status of Lootcord, if not then you can check specifics with the t-update command

Thanks for checking my bot out, I hope you find it as much fun as I had making it

I am open to ideas for this bot. If you think of anything really cool, message the bot and I will decide if it really really cool enough to be added :)