The most powerful server statistics bot and responsive web dashboard. Grow and manage your server like never before with Statbot!

Responsive Web Dashboard - (Can't login through


  • Track text activity
  • Track voice activity
  • Track memberflow (joins/leaves)
  • Track invites (WIP)
  • Track online, DND, idle, offline members


  • s?help: All available commands and how to use them
  • s?stats: Overall statistics
  • s?top: A top text/voice activity for members and channels
  • s?user: A specific user's overall server stats
  • s?channel: An overviw of the server's channel stats
  • s?messages: Stats and a graph of overall server text activity
  • s?voice: Stats and a graph of overall server voice activity
  • s?members: Stats and a graph of the server's memberflow (joins/leaves)
  • And much more!