Manage your own Taco Shack! Buy upgrades, hire employees, and most importantly... sell tacos!

TacoShack Commands Prefix: ! (customizable)

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Taco Shack

  • Manage your Taco Shack -
    Make money by increasing your hourly income!
    Buy upgrades to increase income!
    Hire employees to make more tacos!
    Work yourself to make some side cash!
    Collect tips from the tip jar!

  • Compete -
    Become the highest on the leaderboard by selling the most tacos!
    Compete to become the richest player!

  • Commands -
    !help - View all commands
    !found - Found your taco shack
    !shack/myshack - View your taco shack
    !upgrades - View all upgrades
    !buy [ID] - Purchase an upgrade
    !hire - View all available employees
    !hire [ID] - Hire an employee
    !work - Cook some tacos and make some cash
    !tips - Check for tips
    !flip [heads/tails] [bet]
    !slots [bet]
    !leaderboard/top - View leaderboard
    !richest - View richest players
    !daily - Collect your daily gift
    !name/rename - Rename your taco shack