Simple Discord Bot who have fun, moderation, action and more!

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Welcome to RaluvyBot, a simple Discord bot who have fun, moderation, action, and more! The owner of bot is Raluvy95 (Romanian girl). She loves coding simple bots :p

List categories

  • Fun - Raluvy's commands is just simple, but we have mineswepper!
  • Moderation - The bot has moderation command, but it can't kick the administrator permission!
  • Images - Random images of cats, dogs, shiba, cursed and more!
  • Rich Info - The bot can do anything information about server, role, user, pokemon and more!
  • And more! - Utility and Text.

Found a bug or glitch command(s)?

If you found that, join our Support Server and will fix it soon! ;)


RaluvyBot RaluvyBot