A fake-email messaging bot and a very useless bot

Messager Commands Prefix: m!

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Created By: RaZeFeiXX#8200

This is messager, a bot that can send messages to you all around discord using emails (not real tho, but fake made just to

make it look like it's an actual email tho)

Messager is a bot, that can be boring, useless, fun or even pleasant depending on how you wanna use it, but this is a bot

that can send messages via fake "emails" generated by the bot itself, here's an example of how it works:

  1. you create an email account using "m!cemail " without using "" or so, your domain will be automaticly

placed by "@ultramail.cord"

  1. tell your friends what your fake email name is

  2. type "m!compose " to send the message to your friend/whoever, all commands works also in DMs

That's how you use this bot. Simple, easy and fast.


m!help || lists all commands

m!cemail || creates a fake email account (Only once, you can't delete it once created, so think wisely!)

m!myemail || Shows your email name

m!compose || Compose a message to someone

usage: m!compose [email protected] Hi! I just wanna let you know that this is my first message sent to you.

m!block || block someone, you won't be able to send or receive messages from them/to them

m!unblock || unblock someone, they'll be able to send you messages and you to them

m!ebb || lists all emails you blocked

m!deactivate || Deactivates your email account, you can't send messages to nobody and you cannot receive messages at all

m!activate || activates your email account, you can now send messages and receive

That's all of the documentation :)