Multipurpose discord bot with economy, custom prefix, and more.

ParaCommando Commands Prefix: c?, @ParaCommando#4826

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DISCLAIMER: This bot is in very early stages, and some commands/features may not work as intended, if you have any bugs to report, please join the support server.

The following is command and feature documentation. 

There is a high probability that this is inaccurate and features/commands could have been added/removed


Time Updated: 2018-12-06 7:24 PM MST



For more usage help, do c?help <command group or name>

Commands marked with * are unstable and may not work correctly.

Command Name Command Group:Command Name Usage Aliases Cooldown Short Description
botinfo gencmds:botinfo c?botinfo bi None Shows bot information
serverinfo gencmds:serverinfo c?serverinfo si None Information on current guild
staffinfo gencmds:staffinfo c?staffinfo None None Information on current support staff
ban* modcmds:ban c?ban <user> <reason> None None Ban a user
clear modcmds:clear c?clear <1-100> prune, delete None Clear up to 100 messages (messages can't be more than 14 days old)
kick* modcmds:kick c?kick <user> <reason> None None Kick a user
set modcmds:set c?set <option> <amount> [user] None None

Change a user's stats, please use c?help set for more information

warn* modcmds:warn c?warn <user> <reason> None None

Warn a user

warns* modcmds:warns c?warns <user> None None

Check how many warns a user has

coins ecocmds:coins c?coins [user] wallet, balance, bank None

Check your (or another user's) coin count

daily ecocmds:daily c?daily None 1 usage every 86400 seconds (or 24 hours)

Receive your daily 15 coins

gamble ecocmds:gamble c?gamble <1-25> bet 1 usage every 300 seconds (or 5 minutes)

Gamble your coins (to potentially earn more)

store* ecocmds:store c?store shop None

Show your guilds store. This command is non-functional.

level levelcmds:level c?level [user] lvl None

Check your (or another user's) level

leaderboard levelcmds:leaderboard c?leaderboard lb None

Show your guild's XP leaderboard

ping util:ping c?ping None None

Show's bot and API latency

prefix util:prefix c?prefix [option] None None Change you prefix, if no arguments are given, it will show the default prefix (for your guild)
settings util:settings Please use c?help setttings for usage None None Change guild settings (like welcome channel, moderation logs, etc.) 


Note: These are features, not commands

  • 2% to get 1-20 coins
  • XP on message every five minutes (to prevent leveling too fast)
  • Configurable Logs, welcome, and autoroles (via setttings command)
  • Automoderation (coming soon)


If you have any questions, join the support server and ask :)

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That's all folks!