Official NinjaBot™


This is a bot called name Official NinjaBot™ its cool & epic bot features : Music, Moderation, fun , welcomer and lots of commands in bot

Music Moderation like dyno Meme Prank Membercount Poll Announcement

Bot help command is n!help or mention the bot and it will reply with the prefix and help command and don't add nicknames to the bot or that feature won't work!

Bot owner is :- BlueBird :snowflake: Froakie collector#0440

Bot features :-

self-assignable-roles :- must talk to Bluebird for it

Music :- join voice channel then type n!play then choose your music and use n!stop to stop music and more music commands in help section

Meme :- type n!meme the bot show you a random meme

Prank :- Type n!virus to Inject a Fake virus

Tweet :- type n!tweet ("name") (msg) to tweet a user and include "" for example: n!tweet "Ninja legends" hi guys!

Membercount :- type n!membercount (ADMINISTRATOR ONLY) To see how many members in your server

Anounce :- type n!announce #channel (msg) to announce anything to your server

economy :- type n!help for economy information

Want to invite bot? use n!invite

More commands information in help section