CBot is a bot that we can mess around, It has Fun Commands Moderation Commands and Lots of others commands! It was created, on 1 September

CBot Commands Prefix: . (customizable)

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The Commands are:

1.Fun Commands: .uerinfo - Tells you the info of a user .kill - Kills a user .dog - Sends a random image of a dog .cat - Sends a random image of a cat .8ball - Gives you a answer with Yes or No .ship - Shows, how much you love a user .space - Displaying International Space Station Information .weather - Sends The weather information of a country .quotes - Send a random quote .meme - Send a meme .advice - You ask the bot, and the bot replies with something random .wasted - It takes your profile photo and adds an "unexpected" effect as in gta .dadjoke - Send a random dad joke

2.Setup: .set-welcome - Configures and enables welcome messages

3.Moderation: .kick - Kicks a member .ban - Bans a member .purge - Deletes multiple messages .warn - Warns the user .warnings - Show the user warning .clearwarings - Clears the user warnings

4.Others: .help - Sends all the commands .avatar - Sends the mentioned user their avatar .uptime - Sends the bot uptime .membercount - Displays how many users bot members are in a server