Trappu Chan


A Trap Bot That Does Trap Thangs Like Play Music, Show Leaderboards, Cool Utilities, Fun Commands And A Lot More To Fulfill Your Needs!

Created By: Zeusy# 1200

Trappu-Chan Is A Bot Mainly Made For Fun Stuff! It has a wide ranging variety of commands as well as other cool stuff! What's amazing about it though? 24/7 Uptime!

Current purposes:-

Play music!

Server administration, like purging messages (coming soon)

Optional leaderboards

Cool utilities, like weather, decoding and encoding stuff into binary or dna etc.

Random fun commands, like emojitext, and a slot machine game

Hug, kiss, and slap

Other User Suggestions

Planned Stuff:-

Make Commands Less Complicated.

More Fun Stuff And Traps!