A partner bot that allows you to broadcast your bump advertisement message to its servers every 20 mins! Also with Global Chat

Created By: InsideDev# 9477


Introducing ServerMate. The best way to get your server seen by other servers!

◉ Bump your server every 20 minutes to all of the bots servers!
◉ Global Chat like never seen before
◉ A prefix changer to stop other bots from getting in the way
◉ Easy to setup
◉ Under constant development!

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Command List:

Remember to use the prefix with each command!


  • !help DM's you the global Help message
  • !news Shows the update news log [New]
  • !bumps Displays the daily and total bump count
  • !tutorial DM's you ServerMate's setup information
  • !info Displays ServerMates's Statistics
  • !ping Displays the bots exact ping (Not rounded)
  • !invite Displays the bots invite link and support server
  • !servers Shows the live server count
  • !vote Displays the link to upvote our bot
  • !faq Displays the link to our FAQ / Support page
  • !credits Displays a list of all of the people who made this bot possible


  • !bump Advertises your Server on other Servers that the bot is in

Help ServerMate

  • !vote Displays the link to upvote our bot
  • !suggest <-suggestion-> Suggest an idea or feature to the developer


  • !kick <@mention> Kicks the mentioned user from the current server
  • !ban <@mention> Bans the mentioned user from the current server
  • !clean <#value> Cleans the provided amount of messages


  • !config <#prefix> <#newPrefix> Configure your server's prefix for the bot

  • smgc!channel <#channel> Sets the custom global chat channel for your server [Use the smgc! prefix not normal]

  • Tag @ServerMate at any time to find out your Custom Server prefix


So, what are you waiting for? Get your server advertised today for free!

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