YouTube, meet Discord. Bringing rich integration, and a wide array of content right into your server!

Created By: ThatTonybo#0001 Certified Developer

YouTube is an all-in-one Discord bot for providing YouTube information/statistics, trending videos, mixes, and way more, including lyrics and some fun bits along with it! Trusted on over 4,500 servers, YouTube is one of the most feature-packed YouTube Discord bots on the platform! And it's now on Twitter!

Commands can be run by using yt [command] or @YouTube [command], and information on commands can be obtained with yt help [command / alias].

Get the most out of YouTube.

YouTube is one of the best YouTube-related Discord bots on the platform. Bringing over 250,000 unique users content, for all to enjoy.


We got your attention! YouTube's feature set includes trending/random videos, collections, and a whole lot more.

Fan of karaoke?

Don't sweat! YouTube has the added functionality of being able to get lyrics for any song, provided it was made *after* the internet was invented.

Dance all night with mixes!

A fan of a specific song? YouTube can generate "mixes" - a quick list of related songs sure to keep you up and runnin' all night.

You can find the documentation, as well as a list of commands, here. A website will be here shooooo..r.. soon, ok.

Created with <3 by ThatTonybo, with help from people.