Gaming Gal


An RPG bot based on a futuristic universe with PVP, dungeons ,marriage, gambling,.. Simply: tons of features to enhance your time on discord

Created By: Alex_# 8083

Conquer the world with your mecha!

Start by building your town, which generates money for you, collect mysterious parts and combine them to get your own mecha!

Once you have your mecha, you can start exploring the universe with your friends, level your mecha and prestige it for even better rewards and more content like recruiting your own officer to fight in epic dungeons against the commanders!

  • Build your town, increase its value, get money every hour and be one of the richest!
  • Get your mecha, and get ready to explore the universe and battle with other people!
  • Get your officer and beat the commanders
  • Prestige to increase all your gains and trigger new events!
  • Uptime: 24/7
  • the bot works global, so if you play it on another server, you wont lose any progress!
  • you can view a list of commands by using $$help
  • for a better start, try the $$tutorial command, or if you want to invite the bot to your server, try the $$setup command

Feel free to join the support server if you have questions about the bot!