Cloudy - Shutdown


Cloudy offers utility and fun commands for users and staff of all guilds.

Created By: Ale32bit# 5164


Cloudy is a Discord bot that uses Discord.js framework.

With Cloudy you can:

  • Have fun
  • Give cookies to your friends
  • Listen to music
  • Search, get information and get Top 10 list of bots in discordbots.org
  • Moderate
  • Read xkcd comics
  • Check status of servers in Source engine games
  • Do your math
  • Deepfry images
  • Quote messages
  • Hash your strings
  • Look SCPs up
  • Hello World
  • (More features in future...)

Cloudy Engine

The engine loads and give an API on all modules inside a directory. Modules can interact with each other, process messages and allow/deny execution of commands, add new commands and functionalities.