Hecate bot is a random PvP game that features spells, items, guilds, attacks, passives and more to bring fun to your Discord server.

Created By: Charon#0042

How does the game work?

In a world of evil, Hecate has bestowed you magical abilities.
The game is focused around random player vs player interactions.

Spells and Items

There are various spells and items that you can acquire.
All spells and items are consumable and have various functionality.

Some of the spell functionalities are:

  • Attack a random player or multiple random players.
  • Heal yourself or a target player.
  • Apply a temporary positive effect on yourself or a target player.
  • Apply a temporary negative effect on a target player.
  • ... and more!

Some of the item functionalities are:

  • Use a present, a chest or a book to get all sorts of loot.
  • Use a health potion to heal yourself.
  • Throw an explosive to attack multiple players.
  • ... and more!

You can sell a lot of the items you acquire for gold.
You can then use your gold to buy some items from Hecate.
Hecate will not buy or sell spell charges but you can trade with other players.
You can salvage spell charges for shards and perform a transmutation to get a random spell.

Leveling and Guilds

Through your adventures you'll gather up experience and you will level up as you progress.
As you level up you will get to spend attribute points towards your character's growth and enjoy passive benefits.

Don't forget to join or form a guild to get the best out of the game.
Guild members will not attack each other and will enjoy guild passive benefits.
Guilds will gain experience from their members and level up along the way.

How do I get started?

Type h!daily to get your daily present.
Type h!weekly to get your weekly present.
Type h!vote to get your voting reward.
Type h!dungeon to go in a random dungeon, if you don't die you'll get rewarded accordingly.
Type h!trivia for a quick trivia question, answer it correctly and get rewarded.

Now use all the presents and the rewards you got.
You might acquire some random loot like include gold, books, scrolls etc.
You can use your books to get spell charges or your gold to buy more items off Hecate.
Make sure to use any positive effect items or spells you might get to become stronger for battle.

Some useful commands you should remember:

  • h!help for some general information.
  • h!commands for a list of commands.
  • h!attack to punch a random player.
  • h!cast <spell_name> to cast a spell.
  • h!use <item_name> to use an item.
  • h!spellbook to see your spellbook.
  • h!inventory to see your inventory.
  • h!cooldowns to see your cooldowns all in one place.
  • h!character to see your character information.
  • h!profile to see your profile information.
  • h!transmute to transmute a spell.
  • h!salvage <spell_name> to salvage a spell.
  • h!purchase <item_name> to buy an item.
  • h!sell <item_name> to sell an item.

What else?

The bot has two alternative default prefixes for easier mobile usage (h1 and h#).
All of the prefixes can be changed by the server administrator using h!server command.
Server administrators can also use h!channel command to whitelist channels for gameplay.

The bot is currently in beta state so please report any bugs that might occur.
Join the adventures now and help us playtest and balance the game.
We are also open to suggestions, new features etc.

Thank you!