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A PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Discord Stats Bot, with fun commands! Made with the Official PUBG API, updated regularly and it's free!

PUBG Companion Commands Prefix: p! or @mention

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PUBG Companion, a PUBG Discord Bot


Developed with love

PUBG Companion is the first PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Discord Stats Bot using data from PUBG Official API.
It currently supports Steam, Kakao, Xbox and PS4 stats.

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Player profiles

Seasonal summaries

Full seasonal statistics for pubg players in PNG Style
• Beautiful stunning PNG summary stats for all tpp or fpp gamemodes, see K/D ratio, win%, kills and matches played!
Lifetime career statistics
• See all past stats combined into one lifetime png stats image
Detailed summaries for specific game modes
• Kill stats such as total kills and assists, damage dealt, headshot kills, vehicle kills
• Game stats that includes walk and ride distance, highest number of kills, longest time survived and win ratios

Match summaries

Match summaries

Full match summaries for up to last 10 played matches
• View match stats for all your teammates with you for a match
• Kill stats for each teammate such as kills and assists, damage dealt, headshot kills, vehicle kills
• Game stats that survival time and placement

Discord integration

Discord integration

Link your PUBG player name and region to the bot
• A mini profile for you that contains your linked PUBG name and region
• Use PUBG commands without the need to retype and specify your player name and region

Rating Role system

Rating role system

Create pubg roles to sort your member based on their highest pubg rating
• 8 pubg roles with different ranking tiers
• Use p!role to allow PUBG Companion to automatically award you a role based on your highest rating accross all game modes

Fun commands

Strat Roulette Winner command

Fun commands such as strat roulette, drop and winner for pubg fans!
• Use strat roulette to make your pubg games with your friends more fun
• Drop command to let the bot choose where to drop/land
• Winner image command to create a nice win image



Use p!help to see all commands. For more info about a command, use p!help [command name]

The bot has three prefixes: p! P! and @PUBG Companion.

Command Description Group
Player Retrieves lifetime player stats PUBG
Season Retrieves player stats for the current season PUBG
Match Retrieves match data (up to last 10 played matches) for specified player PUBG
Role Gives you to a role based on your highest rating across all gamemodes PUBG
Profile Shows your discord profile with your player name and region PUBG
Save Links your pubg player and region to your discord account PUBG
Strat Strat Roulette! Generates a stupid strat for PUBG. Fun
Drop Where are we droppin' boys? The bot gives you a random place to drop. Fun
Help Displays a list of commands. User
Ping Returns the ping to the channel User
Stats Provides global statistics about PUBG Companion User
Info Gets infomation about a specific user or the current server User
Invite Provides infomation about inviting PUBG Companion to a server User
Support Gets a link to the bot's support hub/server User
Updates Retrieves infomation about PUBG Companion's latest update from her support hub User
Upvote Liking PUBG Companion? Click on that big VOTE button and give it some love User
Donate Displays donation links to support the development of PUBG Companion User
Announce Makes an announcement to the specified channel Moderator
Setup Starts interactive server setup tool to setup join/leave messages and roles system Admin
Config Shows the various settings and configuration of this server. Admin
Role-config Modifies the rating configuration of a pubg role. Admin