A small bot with the main focus on Nekos.

*Purr* Commands Prefix: . (Changeable with a command)

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Fun Anime

Created By: Andre_601# 0601

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This bot was made to use the
What started as a simple and easy bot became quite a big bot, that is now even on the official Discord of!


The default command-prefix is . but can be changed with the prefix-command.
<arguments> are required and [arguments] are optional.


Permission: No permission required.

Command: | Arguments:      | Description:

Cuddle   | <@user ...>     | Cuddles the mentioned user(s).
Fakegit  |                 | Creates a fake commit-message with help of
Holo     |                 | Gives an image of Holo from Spice and wolf.
Hug      | <@user ...>     | Hugs the mentioned user(s).
Kiss     | <@user ...>     | Kisses the mentioned user(s).
Kitsune  |                 | Shows a image of a kitsune (foxgirl)
Neko     |                 | Shows a image of a neko from
         | [-gif]          | Shows a gif-image of a neko from
         | [-slide]        | Creates a slideshow with 30 images (Can be combined with the -gif argument).
Pat      | <@user ...>     | Pats the mentioned user(s).
Poke     | <@user ...>     | Pokes the mentioned user(s).
Ship     | <@user> [@user] | Ships you (or another user) with someone.
Slap     | <@user ...>     | Slaps the mentioned user(s).
Tickle   | <@user ...>     | Tickles the mentioned user(s).


Permission: MANAGE_SERVER permission is required for the user.

Command: | Arguments:              | Description:

Debug    |                         | Creates a debug-file on
Prefix   |                         | Shows the current prefix for the Discord.
         | set <prefix>            | Sets the provided prefix for the Guild.
         | reset                   | Resets the prefix to the default one.
Welcome  |                         | Shows the current welcome-settings (welcome-channel, image and textcolor).
         | channel set <#channel>  | Change the channel to the mentioned one.
         | channel reset           | Resets the channel.
         | color set <color>       | Change the text color. Supported args are hex:rrggbb or rgb:r,g,b
         | color reset             | Resets the text color.
         | image set <image>       | Changes the image.
         | image reset             | Resets the image.
         | msg set <message>       | Changes the greeting message.
         | msg reset               | Resets the greeting message to "Welcome {mention}!"
         | test [image] [color]    | Creates a test-image with an optional image and text color.


Permission: No permissions required.

Command: | Arguments:             | Description:

Emote    | <:emote:>              | Displays info about an emote.
         | [-search]              | The bot will try to find an emote in the last 100 messages.
Guild    |                        | Shows info about the guild.
Help     |                        | Will display all commands available.
         | [command]              | Shows info about the provided command.
Info     |                        | Shows some info about the bot.
         | [-dm]                  | Sends the info in DM.
Invite   |                        | Shows you some links.
         | [-dm]                  | Sends you the links in DM.
Ping     |                        | Checks the ping. (Time the bot takes to edit the message.)
         | [-api]                 | Checks the ping to the Discord-API.
Quote    | <messageID> [#channel] | Quotes a message. The message needs to be in the same channel or in the mentioned one.
Stats    |                        | Shows stats about the Bot. (Discords she's online, Text and VoiceChannels, etc.)
User     |                        | Gives info about you.
         | [@user]                | Gives info about the mentioned user.

Inviting the bot

The bot has two invite-links: A full invite and a basic invite.

Full invite

The link for the full invite gives *Purr* all permissions, to work properly and without any issues. The permissions include:

  • Managing messages: Will be used to delete certain commands of users like .invite or .info
  • Adding reactions: Nothing really special. Just makes *Purr*'s responses a bit different.
  • Attach files: Used for the welcome-channel (.welcome), to create a image for the joined user.
  • Use of external emojis: For using external (custom) emojis.
  • All permissions of the basic invite.

Basic invite

The basic invite will only give the most necessary permissions for *Purr* to work correctly. This permissions are:

  • See messages: Let *Purr* see all channels, that don't have channel-specific permissions.
  • Send messages: Let her send messages.
  • Embed Links: *Purr* won't work without this permission!


*Purr* now has a integrated Votelistener that gives you a reward (currently just a role) on the Discord.
Just make sure to be on the guild and vote for the bot, to receive the special role.
Future rewards may be added.

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