Zero Power


Multi-purpose moderation bot

Zero Power Commands Prefix: z! (customizable)

69 servers 1 shards

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A simple powerful bot that focuses on Moderation and Logging.



  • help ➥ Shows the help command!
  • info ➥ Information about Zero Power!
  • stats ➥ Statistics!
  • ping ➥ Pong!
  • links ➥ Useful links!
  • invite ➥ allows you to invite Zero Power :)


  • setprefix ➥ Set the prefix of the bot for your server!
  • serverlog ➥ Configure the Mod Log which logs deleted messages, edited messages and much more!
  • blacklist ➥ blacklists certain channels from the logs
    Example: z!blacklist #channel

  • Example: z!setprefix newPrefix

  • antilink ➥ Auto delete any discord invites!
    Example: z!antilink enable
  • newnotify ➥ Automatically notify you if a brandnew account has joined your server!
    Example: z!newnotify #channelname


  • kick ➥ Drop kick the user out of your server!
  • ban ➥ Use the ultimate ban-hammer againt your foes!
  • prune ➥ Clean the current channel!
  • mute ➥ Mutes the user for a specified amount of time
  • unmute ➥ Unmutes a muted user
  • permmute ➥ Mutes the user until manually unmuted


  • UserInfo ➥ User information!
    Example: z!userinfo [@User/UserID/User#3880]
  • serverinfo ➥ Shows all active invites!