The soundboard to end all soundboards. The search engine for all sound. Play all the audio clips where ever and whenever you want.

What is blerp?

Blerp is the soundboard to end all soundboards. Blerp is a community created library of the most popular sound bites. Playback and share sound bites whenever and wherever you want. Search for your favorite audio clips on any platform including Discord, iOS, Web, Android, Slack, and iMessage.

Our story

Blerp is a project built out of our college dorm. What started as an app that plays Shia Labeouf sound clips turned into something bigger then we could have ever imagined. Follow us on Twitter ( or Facebook ( to hear our whole story!

Don’t see your favorite audio clips?

Use our youtube to mp3 tools on our site to add your favorite clips to the bot. Upload and create the best sound clips using!

For more help?

Check out for a full list of commands

Love sound bites??

Try our other apps at! Our android and iOS apps let you share audio clips in Messenger, Slack, iMessage, Facebook… It’s pretty awesome… :)