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MythBot Is A Simple To Use Multi-Purpose Discord Bot || Advanced Server Logs || Economy System || Game Stats || Music || Moderation || Fun

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Now you can talk with bot! Just mention the bot and ask him questions (Talk to him) and he will answer. (A bit slow response due to API)

MythBot Command Help & faq

  • appsGetting Started

    To get started use:
    =Help(For More Info)

    We have a new command that allows you to check see which Configs active.
    ➢ Command Usage:
    =Configs(Need Manage Guild Perms)

    Feature list:

    Custom Prefix -
    Set a Custom Prefix to your server

    Advanced Logs -
    Message:Channels:Roles Updates

    Welcomer Text -
    Shows Welcome message Text Version With Enable:Disable**

    Welcomer Image -
    Shows Welcome message image Version With Enable:Disable

    Leaver Text -
    Shows leaver message version With Enable:Disable

    Leaver Image-
    Shows leaver message imager version With Enable:Disable

    Verification System-
    Add extra Security with our Verification System With Enable:Disable

    Invite Link Blocker -
    Blocks all discord links sent to any text channel. With Enable:Diable

    AutoRole -
    When new comers join your server, Autorole will add new comers to AutoRole.

    Advanced Admin Commands -
    You can choose how long a person is banned/muted for, kick/ban/mute users via command

    Fun Commands -
    We have Mini games, Put a user in jail, Why not! or maybe Hug a user! Cuddles are great.

    Helpful Infomation -
    Please Note that all commands are to be used in your Discord Guild Server Text Channels.
    Commands do not work when Dmed threw MythBot.

    Please don't forget to upvote! This helps the MythBot Team alot.
    MythBot UpVote

    Join MythBot Support Discord to stay upto date witht he lastest commands/events:
    MythBot Support Discord - (
    Invite MythBot

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    Donation are always welcome to help improve MythBot Performance.
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  • appsModerator Command

    [=Kick] [@user] [reason]-(Kicks the mentioned user)
    [=Ban] [@user] [reason]-(Bans the mentioned user)
    [=Mute] [@user]-(Mutes user for a set amount of time)
    [=Unmute] [@user]-(Unmutes the mentioned user)
    [=DelChannel] [#channel]-(Deletes the mentioned channel)
    [=DelRole] [@RoleName]-(Deletes the mentioned role)
    [=Warn] [@user] [Reason]-(Gives the tagged user a warning)
    [=Warnings] [@user]-(Gets tagged user current warnings)
    [=Clearwarning]- [@user](Clears tagged users warnings)
    [=Prune] [1-100]-(Deleted X amount of messages)
    [=Userinfo] [@user]-(Shows info of server members)
    [=GetID] [@User]-(Gets metioned [@User] ID)
    [=Poll] [Message]-(Allows user to start a poll)
    [=Say] [Message]-(Sends message as BishopBot)
    [=Welcomer] [#Channel]-(Enable or Disable the welcomer message)
    [=Leaver] [#Channel]-(Enable or Disable the leaver message)
    [=AutoRole] [@RoleName]-(Choose your Autorole)
    [=BotNick] [Nickname]-(Change's MythBot Nickname)
    [=WelcomerImage] [#Channel]- (Enable/Disable Welcomer Image)
    [=inviteblocker]-(Enable/Disable Discord Invite Blocker)
    [=Serverlogs] [#Channel]-(Enable/Disable Sever Logs)
    [=UserRoles] [@user]-(Shows current user roles)
    [=Init-rules] [RulesMessage]-(Agree to your rules to open your channels)
    [=Giveaway] [Setup]-(Giveaway command help)
    [=Configs]-(Show current MythBot Config)
    [=UserPerms] [@user](Shows Current User's Major Perms)
    [=LevelSys]- (Allows you to Enable/Disable Level System)
    [=AntiLink]- (Deletes 99% of links sent in Your Guild)
    [=Slowdown] [Time]- (Slow down a text channel in Minutes)
    [=Server-Nuke](Deleted All Server Channels/Roles)
    [=App-Help](Show all commands for MythBot Appliction System)
    [=LeaverImage] [#Channel](Show Leaver Image In Mentioned Channel)
    [=SetChannel] [#Channel] [NewName](Change the name of a text channel)
    [=Announcer] [#Channel](Set channel for Announcements)
    [=Duty] [Online/Offline/Mobile](Show your status via command)
    [=Duty Vacation] [msg](Howlong/Reason/Where/etc)
    [=Role-Users] [RoleName](Check what users are in current Role)
    [=Bancheck] [UserID](Check if a User is Globally banned)
    [=SysBackup](Get your server settings)
    [=Private-Msg] [Message](Send a Private message to a user)
    [=Clock] [On/Off](Clock In/Off as Staff)
    [=ChatLogs] [#Channel](Log all messages sent in your server)
    [=Verification] <setup>(Setup Verification System Or Deactivate/Activate)
    [=Prefix] [NewPrefix] (Set a customized Prefix for MythBot)
    [=MentionLogs] [#Channel](Log who mentions a user)
    [=ServerStatics](Logs Server Statics Using Channels)

  • appsMusic Command

    [=Play] [Message]-(Plays stated youtube URL)
    [=Stop]-(Stops music playing)
    [=Pause]-(Pauses current music)
    [=Resume]-(Resumes current song)
    [=ClearQueue]-(Clear's current queue)
    [=Volume] [0-100]-(Changes the volume of music)

  • appsUseful Commands

    [=Help]-(Lists available commands)
    [=Randomcolor]-(Generates random HEX Colour)
    [=Password]-(Generates random password)
    [=Mod Request] [Message]-(PMs Discord Owner/Staff)
    [=Roles]-(Gets list of server roles)
    [=Links]-(Shows list of links)
    [=Stats]-(Gets bot info)
    [=membercount]-(Shows real member count)
    [=Botinv]-(Sends user Bot Invite link)
    [=Ping ]-(Shows current bot ping)
    [=Bugreport](Report's bug to JoKeR#9067)
    [=Ticket] [Message]-(Creats a support ticket)
    [=Uptime]-(Shows bots uptime)
    [=Timestamp]-(Shows your current time)
    [=Countdown]-(Gives you Date & Time)
    [=Quote]-(Bot generates a random Quote)
    [=Currency]-(Gets the exchange rates)
    [=tc-del] [#Channel]-(Deletes tagged text channel)
    [=Timezones]-(Displays different time zones)
    [=Botvote]-(Creates bots Vote link)
    [=Create-Server]-(Create a discord server and add MythBot)
    [=Avatar]-(Give users there Avatar & URL link)
    [=Movie] [MovieTitle]-(infomation about a movie)
    [=Donate-(Generate Bishopbot donation link)
    [=Color] [ColorName]-(Give command user x Role)
    [=Resetcolor]-(Takes all color roles away from command user)
    [=YTSearch] [ChannelName]-(Searched a Youtube channel)
    [=MCPE] [SeverIP]-(Get server stats (M Pocket Edition))
    [=Bitcoin]-(Gets you the current bitrate exchange)
    [=AddEmoji] [ImageURL]-(Adds Emoji to your server)
    [=NA]-(Adds Command User To NA Role)
    [=EU]-(Adds Command User To EU Role)
    [=Ranks]-(Shows Opens Server Ranks
    [=Emojis]-(Shows Servers Current Emoji's)
    [=Partner]-(Request partnership with MythBot)
    [=Accpet](Accept server rules)
    [=Weather] [Location]-(Shows current weather for location)
    [=BanAppeal]-(Appeal if server is ban from using MythBot)
    [=Profile] [@user]-(Get users profile)
    [=Level](Show users current level)
    [=BanAppeal](Appeal if server is ban from using MythBot)
    [=Profile] [@user](Get users profile)
    [=Level](Show users current level)
    [=Support] [Reason](Request Support From MythBot Support Team)
    [=App-Apply](Opens the Apply menu)
    [=App-Position](Change/Set the Position)
    [=App-Reply](Change/Set your Reply)
    [=App-Send](Send your Application)
    [=App-Cancel](Cancel your Application)
    [=App-Help](Show all Application Commands)
    [=Balance](Now We Have A New Way Of Getting Your Balance)
    [=R6SCredits](Buy VERY cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits.)
    [=Notify](Subscribe's you to the role @Notified)
    [=Team](Now get info on who MythBot Staff are)
    [=AFK] [Reason](Now you can set youself AFK)
    [=Update.AFK] [NewReason](Update your current AFK Status)
    [=Nukkit] (Get Information on Nukkit MC Plugins/Server)
    [=dblinfo] [@MentionBot](Check current information on a bot)
    [=Ticket-Help](Get help commands for Tickets)
    [=Voted] [@User](Check if you have voted for MythBot)
    [=ProfileDescription] [Message](Set a personal Description on =Profile @user)
    [=Serverinfo](Shows infomation of current server)
    [=Verify] [Code](Use your Verify code)
    [=Me](Show your Rep Points, Warning Points & More)

  • appsGame-Stats Commands

    [=OWStats] [Platform] [Region] [BT-####]-(Get OWStats)
    [=CSGOstats] [SteamID-64]-(Shows users CSGO stats)
    [=Fortnite] [Nickname] [Platform](Shows Fortnite Stats)
    [=CSGOstats] [SteamID-64](Shows users CSGO stats)
    [=Osu] [Username](Show users Osu game stats)
    [=R6S] [uPlayname](Show Siege PC Stats)
    [=McAccount] [McName](Get a users Minecraft account info)
    [=PUBG] [Playername] [Platform] [Region](Now get Player Stats on PUBG)

  • appsFun Commands

    [=8Ball](Ask it anything)
    [=Bank-Heist] [@User](Rob a bank with a friend)
    [=Slots](Have a full pulls on a slots machine)
    [=Emolets] [Message](Type in emotes)
    [=Fidget-spinner](Spin the fidget spinner)
    [=Jail] [@user](Generate jail image of user)
    [=Joke](Posts a random joke)
    [=Hastebin] [Text](Generate link from hastebin)
    [=Bank] [Help](Gets you started on you cash)
    [=Meme](Generates random Meme)
    [=Hug] [@user](Hugs User)
    [=Brazzers] [@User](Put brazzers logo on User)
    [=NSFW](Posts NSFW)
    [=Wasted] [@User](GTAv Wasted User)
    [=Hitman] [@User](Kill Someone you hate)
    [=Daily](Recieve a Daily Reward, 24 Hour Cooldown)
    [=GiveMoney] [Amount] [@user](Give some of your money to your friends)
    [=FNRoulette] (This is a Generated Fortnite Roulette)
    [=Why](Post a random Why question)
    [=Fact](Posts a random fact)
    [=Lizard](Posts random image of a Lizard)
    [=Logo](Post a Cool Anime Logo)
    [=Kiss] [@User](Kiss a User)
    [=Slap] [@User](Slap a user)
    [=Poke] [@User](Poke a user)
    [=Forcefeed] [@User](Forcedeed a user)
    [=Fox](Posts a cute photo of a Fox)
    [=Inspire](Post's an Inspiring Image)
    [=Img](Get random Neko Wallpaper)
    [=Emoji](Get Random Emoji)
    [=Rep] [@User](Give Someone 1 Reputation Point)
    [=Tiny] [Message](Make your text Tiny)
    [=Pokedex] [Bulbasaur](Show Statics of any Pokemon)
    [=Timeto] [Date](Show How many Days, Hours, Minutes, Second)

  • appsFAQ

    [How do i partner with MythBot?]-(Simply add MythBot to your server and use command =partner)
    [How do i report a bug?] - (SSimply add MythBot to your server and use command =report)
    [How do i set up my server logs?] - (Easy,Simply user the command, =SeverLogs #channelname)
    [How do i show my current Server settings?] - (Go to your bots channel and use the command =Configs)
    [How do i request support from MythBot Staff?] - (Simply you our command =Support [Reason])

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