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GRLC cryptocurrency tip bot

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Created By: Kryptonite# 6233 Certified Developer

GRLCTips is a bot created by Kryptonite#6233 allowing the use of GRLC!

.help Shows this message

.bal Shows your balance

.cap Shows the coins marketcap information

.stats Shows your stats

.tip [@user] [amount] Tip a user [amount] of GRLC

.soak [amount] soaks [amount] of GRLC over all online users

.rain [amount] rains [amount] of GRLC over all online users who have talked in this channel in the past half hour

.deposit Get your deposit address

.withdraw [address] [amount] Withdraw [amount|all] of GRLC to [address] (0.01 GRLC fee)

.block Shows the block GRLCTips is on

.invite Shows my invite link

.donate Help fund the bot!

.config Change server bot

.admin [add|remove] [@user] add/remove user as admin of bot settings