Subscribe to subreddits, youtube, twitter. starboard, welcome messages, selfrole, mlp/mylittlepony, 4chan, fluttershy flutterbot

Getting started

Set a prefix for your server: @FlutterBot prefix !
Using the !help command includes a link to that webpage where you can view all of its commands.
Use !helppage for a direct link to the online help page.
You can
view my commands online.

What can the bot do?

  • Subscribe to YouTube channels [Beta]
  • Subscribe to subreddits
  • Follow twitter accounts.
  • Self-role setup commands
  • Starboard and message pinning with ⭐ and 📌 emojis
  • Various 4chan related commands for monitoring boards or finding and mirroring threads to a channel
  • Roleplay commands
  • Configurable 4chan command allows mirroring threads, setting watched keywords for board content etc.
  • Searches content in various websites like imdb, youtube, reddit and more.
  • Some content aware image editing commands, meme generation
  • Configurable behaviors like welcome and depart messages or automatic text reactions when a user says something
  • Disable and enable individual commands or entire command categories

Getting help

Due to how some of the commands have configurable behavior, some commands are complex and require using flags or sub-commands.
Some examples being welcome messages, self-assignable roles, starboard setup, and 4chan commands.
If you're having trouble with the bot or working with some of these commands, you're more than welcome to join my server and ask any questions

Bot farming

FlutterBot leaves botfarm guilds.