Vanessa is a Discord bot with moderation, and a box opening game!

Vanessa is a multipurpose Discord bot customizable to your needs!

Box opening game! You can open boxes, compete with friends for the leaderboard spots, and more! Start with using the >begin command!

Vanessa's behavior is controllable. You can choose what channels she can speak in, what commands are enabled, and what category specific commands are enabled.

Customizable: Full settings menu to customize the bot, such as prefix settings! There are a handful of subcommands, so make sure you check them out.

There is a full user friendly moderation system set up! Set roles, or users towards Moderator or Administrator permissions! Administrators bypass some certain restrictions on commands.

Talk to Vanessa! With the feature, Vanessa will respond to you with a message beginning with her ping. If you wish to toggle this feature, ping her with cleverbot off/on respectively.

Fun and Misc: Convert the time, find all ways a 7 letter word can be rearranged, and search the web!

There is a small ROBLOX verification added in place, in case you wish to use that.

Most of Vanessa's commands need to have the Embed Links permission, so please make sure it's enabled!