OwO Certified Bots


Keep track of your OwOs and compete globally! Hunt for animals and fight other users!

Created By: Scuttler#0001 Certified Developer

Leaderboards for how many times you said 'OwO'! Compete against your guild, globally, or against other guilds!

Hunt for animals and fight other players with them!



owo my points|guild|zoo|money|cookie [global] Displays your rankings!
owo top points|guild|zoo|money|cookie [global] {count} Displays the top rankings


owo money Displays how much cowoncy you have!
owo give Give cowoncy to other users!
owo vote Vote on this website to earn cowoncy!
owo daily Grab your free daily cowoncy!


owo zoo Displays your zoo!
owo hunt Find some animals for your zoo!
owo battle {@user} Battle your friends or random users!
owo pets [set|rename] Set your pet!
owo slots {amount} Slots!
owo lottery {amount} Lottery!!
owo 8b {question} I will reply to a yes/no question!
owo define {word} Defines a word!
owo gif|pic Get a picture!


owo cookie {@user} Sends a cookie!
owo pet|slap|hug|boop|etc {@user} Emotes with gif!


owo feedback {msg} Sends a message to an admin!
owo stats Take a look at my stats
owo link Want to add the bot to another server?? :D
owo disable|enable {command} Disable or enable commands on a channel
owo help {command} Need help?