A multipurpose bot, but with emphasis on roleplaying.

Created By: Kio#1337

N.Pro Now Available.

N.Pro is an extension of Nayami, that includes more early-access content, and more RP commands, like dunno, and sleepy.
If you'd like to be authorized for N.Pro, please join the support server after you have donated to be authorized.

Oh, hello! I'm Nayami, an adorable discord bot. I started off as a bot that was strict and just, enforcing NGBans, which was a global bans list that I had exclusively owned, and a bit of fun projects.
Now, taking a break from Banlists is the better life. I no longer do Global bans, instead, I go full swing on user protection, and fun roleplay commands!
Just do ]]help RP for some of the cool things I can do. (Hugging, kissing... Ooo~)
Anyways, if you need help, the idiot owner of mine works day and night to bring new content you'll love. Feel free to join his support server, or even worse:
Make a suggestion (GASP! OH NO!)

Anyways, thats all I have to say.
Yours until the end~

Nayami is compliant with the GNU GPL v3 License, which includes section 5.