This bot allows users to set reminders and features natural language datetime parsing.

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Created By: sushimoo#1057

Discord Reminders Bot

This is a bot for use with the Discord voice and text chat platform. When added to a Discord server, users will be able to set and receive reminders.

This bot uses an NLP engine to parse the date and time of reminder requests. Unfortunately, this engine may not parse the dates/times with 100% accuracy. I will be working on improving the NLP in future releases.

Additionally, the user's abilities to modify and cancel reminders are currently in development. Thank you for your patience.


  • [x] Set and receive reminders for self or other users
  • [ ] View reminders one has set for self or others
  • [ ] Modify set reminders
  • [ ] Cancel set reminders
  • [ ] Receive notification when reminder task is completed


  • Clone repo
  • npm install
  • cp ~/api/.keys.json ~/api/keys.json
  • Change secrets in keys.json to your own
  • npm start