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This bot allows users to set reminders and features natural language datetime parsing.

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Created By: sushimoo#1057

Discord Reminders Bot

This is a bot for use with the Discord voice and text chat platform. When added to a Discord server, users will be able to set and receive reminders.


[x] Set and receive reminders for self or other users

[ ] View reminders one has set for self or others

[ ] Modify set reminders

[ ] Cancel set reminders

[ ] Receive notification when reminder task is completed


  • Node.js: version 8.0.0 or newer
  • Discord.js: node.js module that provides access to the Discord API
  • Commando: framework that, in conjunction with discord.js, allows for command creation
  • Kue: Redis-backed job queue
  • Chrono: natural language date parser