Unbelievable Utility, Powerful Moderation and Endless Fun. Thrilling Pokemon, Stunning Economy, Giveaways, LOADS more and anything YOU want

SmileyBot is a fun and functional bot with a wide variety of features. From Moderation to Economy, Utility to a whole Pokemon game, SmileyBot will definitely have something for you. SmileyBot is a great addition to any server as it will provide many fun commands as well as allowing you to moderate it with ease. Please type .help to view the full list of commands. I think SmileyBot is the best bot out there, and so do many other users but I'll leave you to make up your mind. You've got to at least give it a try!

If you would like a summary of what SmileyBot does, please watch the video. If you are migrating from GiveawayBot, please check out .h giveawaybot

Ever since SmileyBot started up in December 2017, I have loved making it. I started by making giveaways, as I didn't like many things about GiveawayBot, and moved on to Moderation and Utility afterwards. After making some Fun features, some Gambling commands turned into a whole Economy and now the bot has a whole RPG attached to it. A suggestion for an improvement to the pokemon command also lead to the Pokemon game you know today. I love being able to be creative about what I make, being able to make what I want to make and achieve things I never thought I could do. I also love the people I meet, and all of the positive feedback I get from people. I hope to continue developing SmileyBot for many months to come, who knows what it will be like in 6 months, let alone a year!


Moderation contains loads of features that will make moderating a server a piece of cake

  • Log kicks, bans, mutes, warns, message deletes and more in multiple channels of your choice
  • Filter links, invites, words and more from a custom selector
  • Self assignable roles so users don't have to ask every time they want a certain role
  • Greet and farewell send messages when users join/leave
  • Warnings system so you don't have to keep track of how naughty users have been
  • Classic moderation commands (e.g. kick, ban, hackban, mute)


Utility is a diverse category involving loads of useful things that will make your life easier

  • Advanced giveaways with loads of benefits over anything like GiveawayBot. Check out .h giveawaybot if you don't believe me
  • Polls done through reactions allows you to easily take people's opinions on something
  • Auction anything through any currency you like, with extra support for SmileyCoins. You may have many auctions in one channel as they are done through reactions in a simple, fun, compact way
  • With a to-do list, reminders and a notepad you'll be far more organised
  • Private channels allow users to make themselves a channel for them to use bot commands without being disturbed by other users. This can be crucial on busy servers as you need so many bot commands channels to prevent them from getting overcrowded
  • Custom reactions with delays allows you to do lots of things you never would have thought about (e.g. cooldown reminders - preset for DiscordRPG available)
  • Advanced permissions allow you to decide exactly who can use what, and where
  • Get the weather forecast in your DMs every morning so you always know whether you should take a coat or not
  • An excellent calculator for that tricky maths homework
  • Make revision quizzes so you can do your homework (or pretend to do your homework) on discord!
  • Google sheets integration
  • Other commands include: encrypt, decrypt, shorten (links), charinfo, choose, shuffle, define, synonyms, antonyms, spellcheck, translate and say


Lots of random fun commands, some having multiplayer support. Even more fun is available through the separate modules Pokemon and Economy, both listed below

  • Flappybird. Click a button to flap and let the bird fall down naturally to make your way through the pipes. Different difficulties and dimensions are available
  • [Multiplayer Available] Hangman. Choose a word or let SmileyBot choose for you and try and guess it as quickly as possible
  • [Multiplayer] Play connect 4 against someone of your choice. You may also bet SmileyCoins if both users give consent
  • Analyse someone's face and find out their hidden secrets (and some hillariously untrue information!)
  • Enter the maze editor and try to make the most complex maze you can or try other user's mazes. See how quickly you can do them!
  • [Multiplayer Available] Trivia. Choose a category, choose the question type, choose the difficulty or leave it all open and see how many questions you can answer correctly
  • [Multiplayer Available] Anagram. SmileyBot will throw endless anagrams at you and you have to try and guess what the word is! Be quick...
  • Guess lists. Name as many things that fall under a specific category as you can (e.g. generation 1 pokemon)
  • [Multiplayer] Take turns to type 1 word to contribute to a story. Who knows what it will end up as!
  • Ask the 8ball your burning questions and see what the response is


Economy is a feature-rich RPG that deserves the right to be called a game. Offering many different play styles and objectives, Economy will be fun for anyone

  • Many activities allowing you to make money from mining, chopping, exploring, fishing and even hunting!
  • Grow crops, farm animals, build factories and make machines to make even more money
  • Gamble away all of the money you just made in a variety of different ways, including robbing a bank
  • Loads of different challenges for you to complete to gain more XP
  • Trade items on the market
  • Join with other players in a guild for many benefits
  • Unlock kits to help you out even more
  • Complete your emoji collection and feel like a boss
  • + Lots more


Pokemon is the newest module added to SmileyBot but arguably the best. Pokemon brings the pokemon you know and love onto a new map for a new adventure inside discord!

  • All 151 generation 1 pokemon
  • Over 400 unique moves
  • Fight trainers around the map
  • Travel by walking, cycling, driving, catching the bus, catching a train, catching a plane etc.
  • Buy items from pokemarts
  • Switch up your moveset whenever you like
  • Information commands useful if you're not even going to play pokemon
  • SmileyBot

    Please feel free to join the Support Server if you have any queries, I am always happy to help

    This was last updated on 26/01/2018. If something is outdated, please contact smileyface12349#5377 on the Support Server