Get statistics from Hypixel, HiveMC, Mojang or get your skin, create own achievement image, get server's online players and more! Ad-free!

Created By: igniss.# 9981


Command Description
mb$binfo Show bot statistics
mb$sinfo Show server statistics
mb$invite Get bot's invite link
mb$donate Get developer's donate link
mb$ping Get bot's ping
mb$update Get latets update log
mb$achievement Create your own achievement
mb$fact Minecraft facts
mb$formatting Show all formatting codes
mb$hivemc Get player's statistics from HiveMC
mb$hypixel Get player's statistics from Hypixel
mb$player Get player's skin and UUID
mb$namehistory Get player's all usernames [UUID only]
mb$potions Get all ways to get potions
mb$server Get server's statistics
mb$status Get actual status of minecraft services
mb$wynn Get player's statistics from WynnCraft
mb$bugtracker Send feedback to developer
mb$autorole Set auto assigning role when member joins
mb$ban Ban user from guild
mb$kick Kick user from guild
mb$mute Mute user
mb$memberlog Set member log channel
mb$prefix Set custom prefix for server
mb$purge Delete number of messages
mb$tempban Temporary ban user from guild
mb$tempmute Temporary mute user
mb$unmute Unmute muted user
mb$warn Warn user
Current version: 2.0.6