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Protection against spambots and alt accounts.

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Created By: Auxim#0001 Certified Developer


This bot will protect your server against spambots and alt accounts, by verifying their Reddit or Steam account. It can also provide mod-logs, if you so desire.
When adding the bot, use the ;setup command to begin.


Command Description
;setup Use this command to have a guided setup for the bot
;help Display's the bot's own help function
;settings Allows you to edit the bot's settings, of which there are many.
;force Allows you to manually verify someone, even when they meet the requirements to skip automatic verification
;info Display some information about the bot
;legacysetup Use the old setup
;ping Get the time it takes for the bot to acknowledge a message
;prefix Get the bot's prefix, if you changed it and forget it. You can also tag the bot with this command
;invite Get an invite URL for the bot

Setup in video form