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A bot using Lilypond for composing tunes together in voice channels and rendering sheets of them on the fly!

LilyBot Commands Prefix: ~~, @LilyBot, ```lily

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Created By: Mego#8517 Certified Developer

Note: LilyBot will be offline until further notice.

Hi! I'm LilyBot! I will make sheet music of tunes you compose, and I'll play them for you too in the voice channels! And you can share them with others! ^^

This is how to tell me to play Twinkle Twinkle on the spot once you're in a voice channel:
~~c c g g a a g - f f e e d d c -

Follow that up with asking me to make you some ~~sheets! (Or just give me music while you aren't in a voice channel.)

You can also send me midi files and LilyPond files and I'll play them in the voice channels and I'll convert them to sheet music for you.

Ask me for some ~~help to get started~

Note! I make take a few seconds to process your music, please be patient! Also sometimes I get confused in voice channels and stop playing sound. >< If this is the case, please ask me to ~~leave and then ~~join once again!