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Catch, train, and battle pokémon while talking to your friends in Discord!

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Created By: miles#9925

Most people have played or at least heard of Pokémon, sending your pokémon into battle, leveling up and catching rare pokémon in the aim to become the best trainer. What if you could do all this whilst talking to your friends on Discord?

And that's what this bot is for, all you have to do is add the bot to your Discord server, pick a pokémon and start playing! Level up your Pokémon, watch it evolve and defeat your friends in battle!
Or if you're the more casual type, you can just pick a cute creature, give it a name and show it off to all your friends!

The game doesn't have an end goal, so whether you're competitive and want to be the best or just want to have a cool looking Pokémon in your Discord server you can still enjoy the bot!

Key features :

-Leveling: Your Pokémon is leveled up by simply typing in chat and talking to your friends!

-Evolutions: At the moment Pokémon only evolve based on levels, meaning special evolutions from high happiness, or stones are not yet implemented. However these are coming, can't leave out Eeveelutions :)

-Duels: You can now challenge your friends to a duel! Duels are still a work in progress, as at the moment you may only use one Pokémon, but they are working!

-Shop: Buy XP boosters (more items coming soon) from shop with credits gained from winning battles so you can level up even faster!

-Updates: I put 3+ hours work into the bot every day, so it is updated a lot. This does mean that the bot is often temporarily offline or unstable, but also being improved upon.