PREMIUM - The most powerful bot to translate discord messages, supports 100+ languages, automatic, multi translations and TTS Voice.

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Latest Update v.1.6 - 14 July 2018

  • New: major update

    • Translate to multiple languages automatically in same channel
    • Allow translations of Webhooks (experimental)
    • 3 New locales
    • 3 New text styles
    • Added "Remaining" stat to server command (-t server)
    • Added links to Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in help/about commands

  • New Bot Locales:

    • Spanish / Español (es)
    • Korean / 한국어 (ko)
    • Japanese / 日本語 (ja)

  • New Text Styles:

  • Bugfixes:

    • Fixed minor typos
    • Fixed a bug that caused bot to delete messages in auto-translated single channels
    • Fixed Māori language name
    • Fixed sorting of listed groups and linked channels

  • Deprecation:

    • Disabled setting custom style for a specific message by adding the style code suffix
    • Translator bot is no longer certified by DBL due to its premium nature