Intellibot - The ultimate multipurpose bot for music, entertainment, management and more!

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Created By: MaxiJonson# 1248

Enhance your Discord experience with Intellibot, the multipurpose bot! This bot features many entertainement/XP/management commands to make your server unique!
Intellibot is currently still in beta, so I can collect error reports and other logs to make sure it is working properly. This also means that its features are not final and may evolve with time! You get to be part of that!
Intellibot comes with many commands to customize your server, have some fun or interact with other people with its global XP system. Here are some of the main commands that make Intellibot so great:

Music: The music commands let's you play Youtube links from either the url, title or saves. You can also create playlists to play later as well as some audio controls and more!
Memes: Intellibot doesn't rely on any API to make memes, meaning it isn't restricted to a certain list of pre-defined memes. You can define your own meme templates and apply your own captions to them.
Robotpiece: robotpiece is the XP system where you can collect robotpieces by doing certain actions. This score is global to all servers so you can compete with others. There is also a season rotation implemented to reset all the score every 3 months.
The above commands are just 3 out of more than 30 commands! Head over to the website for more info as well as examples! Or just give it a try today and start making the best out of Discord!