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A bot for bots and nothing else.

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576 servers

Moderation Role Management Utility

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Mrs. Robot


This is just a generic help command, use whenver you're too lazy to come back to this site for help


This is just a generic invite command, use it if you want to invite me somewhere and don't wanna come back here to grab the invite link


This command will display an embed of all the bots in the server, as well as some other information

Clean Roles

This command will delete any auto generated role that a bot had after joining the server

Sort Bots

This command will put every bot into the Bots role. If a role with the exact name of Bots doesn't exist, the command will error


This command will display the scoreboard. The scoreboard is a collection of the top 10 servers with the highest amount of bots (that I am a part of)

Scoreboard Position

If you aren't on the top 10 list, you can run this command and it will show you your position on the scoreboard