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A multi-purpose bot that includes experience tracking, music & playlists, moderation, server management, full customisation and much more!

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+ (customizable) or mention

999 servers

Moderation Music Customizable Behavior Leveling Utility Fun

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Created By: zBlake#0007 Moderator Certified Developer

zBot is an all-in-one Discord bot that includes features such as customizable profiles and experience tracking, music, moderation tools, configurable settings and other miscellaneous commands and features! zBot is hosted on Google Cloud servers, 24/7 with minor downtime due to crashes or maintenance.

To get help using zBot, type "+help". To configure settings with zBot such as prefix or moderation logging channels, type "+config" or "+help config".

Profiles & Levels

With an in-built experience and leaderboard system as well as equip-able badges and backgrounds,
the fun never ends with zBot.


Ranging from automatic moderation filters, to common moderation commands such as ban, mute, warn and kick.


Including features such as mini-games, music, math, search and much more.


■ An autorole system to automatically apply roles to users when they join, or reach a certain level in zBot

■ Fully-fleshed moderation system including traditional moderator commands (ban, mute, etc.), punishment history, warnings, ability to remove and edit cases after being created and much more

■ Full customisation of server settings, including zBot's prefix, moderator features, logging channels, experience gain, filtered words, channel-specific command toggleability and more

■ Music commands and a unique playlist creation system where you can add songs to your playlist and store them across guilds

■ Profile customisation, badge collection and experience tracking per-guild

■ Message logging (spam, expletives), member join/leave alerts, nickname change logging and even punishment logs

■ Unique `challenge` command which allows you to challenge other people to a duel, attack, equip weapons & armour, and use special abilities

■ Provide statistics for certain games, such as Overwatch and League of Legends

■ General commands such as translate, timer, math, search, dice, afk, tag, and many more!

Full Documentation and Commands