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Memes, NSFW, logging, utilities, experience, music, moderation, server management & configuration and more, all in one bot.

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zBot Commands Prefix:

+ (customizable) or mention

1,470 servers

Economy Moderation Fun Utility Music Customizable Behavior

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Created By: zBlake#0007 Moderator Certified Developer

zBot is an all-in-one Discord bot that includes features such as customizable profiles and experience tracking, music, moderation tools, configurable settings and other miscellaneous commands and features! zBot is hosted on Google Cloud servers, 24/7 with minor downtime due to crashes or maintenance.

To get help using zBot, type "+help". To configure settings with zBot such as prefix or moderation logging channels, type "+config" or "+help config".

Unique user experience

With an in-built experience and leaderboard system as well as equip-able badges and backgrounds,
the fun never ends with zBot.


Incredible anti-spam/swear filters, spectacular moderation commands and logging, as well as being able to view punishment history and edit and remove cases from users.


Intuitive and aesthetically pleasing music commands so you can spend more time playing your music. Use playlists to store songs that you want to listen to later.


zBot offers server configuration like you've never seen before. Change prefixes, logging channels, experience gain, leave/join messages and much more.

Take control of your server

Toggle specific commands/modules on or off, automatically add roles to users, even set custom autoresponse triggers.

And even more...

See the full list of commands and more information at our website.