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Created By: Krasier# 7273

Hi! I'm Bongo!

I'm a good boye with high quality music that can play spotify, soundcloud, bandcamp, playlists, and more. I am also capable of browsing reddit, 4chan, crytpo, ascii processing images, and so much more. I also have over 200,000 jokes that you can search for and so much more.

I would highly recommend changing your prefix, server prefix, and/or enforcing a server prefix. Your prefix can also include spaces by using -- where you want a space.

You can also create custom commands (tags) built off of my commands or just as a fun way of meming in an embed. or enhancing your discord server!

Below you will find a list of my built-in commands. If you don't like my commands, simply blacklist them --channel, or self (default unless admin; admin use --me), and you won't have to see or worry about them again! You can also use this on a per channel basis, meaning you can create your own quiet channels that I will not respond to. Admins can use a --admin option to bypass this.


Music (set volume and timestamp ex:
bass: Let's get that BASS BoOooOOOOOooST going! Can use a percentage to adjust the bass.
fastforward: fast forward the song's time in format mm:ss. Example 1:30.
join: joins your voice channel or a voice channel you type
leave: leaves any voice channel it's connected to.
lyrics: looks up lyrics for a song.
move: Moves a song from postion1 to position2.
nowplaying: shows currently playing song.
pause: pauses the audio.
play: plays the audio or plays the first result it finds.
queue: shows the queue list.
replay: replays all songs (off, on, all).
resume: resumes the song.
rewind: rewind the song's time in format mm:ss. Example 1:30.
seek: go to the time period in the song. Can either use 100(seconds) format or 00:00 (minutes:seconds)
shuffle: shuffles all songs continously until turned off.
skip: skips currently playing song or another song from the playlist if specified a number.
stop: stops playing music and I leave channel.
swap: swaps two songs.
volume: changes volume. Can set maximum with maxvolume.
voteskip: Vote to skip the song defaults to 50%. Works best when you blacklist skip.
4chan: Shows a random image (and text) from the specified board. Use at your own risk kek. NSFW channel required
amiibo look up information on every single amiibo by name!
avatar: displays user avatar
crypto: finds info from coinmarketcap. (top, coin, convert)
fortnite: displays overall fornite stats.
google: google searches and returns first result.
image: google image searches and allows you to navigate images!
imgur: specify an imgur album, and I'll give you a random picture from that album whcih you can navigate! Create an alias for ease of use.
jisho: translates word into kanji.
league: League of Legends stats on a user.
lmgtfy: let me google that for you.
overwatch: displays your overall overwatch stats (publicize your account for more info)
pokedex: displays information on a pokemon by number or name!
reddit: gets a random reddit thread from a subreddit. Can specify more with options such as "new", "top" "hot", etc. Navigate 25 threads!
subscribe: subscribe (automeme) to some reddit channels.
timer: sets a reminder (max of 100 years because sometimes I forget)
toxic: finds out how toxic your text is. Great for league of legends...
vote: vote for something within 20 seconds.
wikipedia: Gives a random wiki article or searches for one based off of your description.
aww: gets a post from /r/aww.
butt: how hawt is your thot?
cat: random cat image/gif
comic: generates a random comic from explosm (cyanide & happines).
dadball: 8ball but Dadgar (Khadgar) from WoW version (idk why)
dadjoke: shows dad joke.
dankmeme: dank memes.
dog: random dog image/gif
eyebleach: gets cute images from r/Eyebleach
f: pay your respects. Can say "for cheese" => "pay respects for cheese."
garfield: displays a random Garfield comic.
httpcat: displays a random httpcat or your own if you know your protocols.
joke: tells a random joke or looks up a joke. Ex: "joke dad" or "joke computer"
lpt: shows a life pro tip.
meme: shows memes.
owo: OwO, what's this? Converts your speak into owo
poem: gets a random poem from
prequelmeme: Why hello there!
urban: urban dictionary in a nsfw channel of course.
wholesomememe: wholesomeme which you can navigate!
xkcd: gets a random xkcd or specify a number to see a specific one.
boop: boops. Add your own message and @message someone!
cringe: Use when someone says something cringy
cry: Waaaaahhh. You cry. Add an @mention and/or your own description to blame someone.
dab: dab on them haters. Add your own message and @message someone to dab on!
delet: delet this.
dodge: dodges! Add your own message and @message someone!
gitgud: git gud kid.
hug: get a hug or give a hug. Add your own message and @message someone!
lewdno: That's lewd! No more.
lewdyes: Yes, yes, YES!
nobulli: pls no moar bulli. Add an @mention and/or your own description.
oof: oof.
pat: get a pat or give a pat. Add your own message and @message someone!
punch: punch someone! Add your own message and @message someone!
rekt: get rekt nerd
ship: idk with this one. Add your own message and @message someone!
slap: slaps. Add your own message and @message someone!
smug: Your smugness intensifies.
stalk: stalks. Add your own message and @message someone!
sugoi: wow, sugoi!
thot: B E G O N E T H O T
weeb: weeb alert. There is a weeb in this channel!
wtf: hold up, wtf did he just say.
anime_irl: gets dank anime_irl memes.
animeme: gets dank anime memes (animemes).
animesearch: search for an anime.
anone: Anone! Anone! Pure platelets.
awwnime: gets cute awwnime.
booette: I hate myself and you do too.
bowsette: I hate myself and you do too.
ddlc: gets random doki doki literature club picture.
gabe: gets random Gabriel Dropout gif.
ghibli: gets random Studio Ghibli gif.
jojo: gets random jojo post.
jojogif: gets random jojo gif.
kanna: gets random kanna reaction image or random kanna gif.
konosuba: gets random KonoSuba image/gif.
lovelive: get on your nico nico knees for these love live gifs.
monogatari: Get a random totally safe monogatari image/gif.
mangasearch: searches for manga.
myanimelist: displays your weeb account.
nichijou: gets random Nichijou gif.
nier: gets random Nier image. Have to be in a NSFW channel beacuse of Yoko Taro's great character design.
nonnonbiyori: ~nyanpasu~ gets random Non Non Biyori image/gif.
rem: gets a rem image.
shinobu: gets a shinobu image.
waifu: get a random waifu or look up one!
autorole: automatically assign a role (needs permissons)
channel: set up options for this channel (daily wiki, daily word of the day, log info, quiet channel, etc)
delete: deletes message up to 100. Can @message someone to delete their messages.
settings: enable or disable your universal custom commands for guild, everyone, or no one.
blacklist: removes command from help command list and I do not respond to that comand. Works for server, channel, and user.
changelog: Shows recent changes for the bot. Sometimes I forget to update this :(
help: shows help info. Use help <command> for more info on a command.
invite: creates an invite for me to join your server.
prefix: set your custom prefix or guild prefix
say: tells bot to say something
stats: shows bot stats
tag (universal custom commands): anyone can use your commands if you have this enabled
tags: shows list of tags (custom commands)
whitelist: removes command from blacklist's server list, channel list, or user list.
Image Processing
ascii: creates an ascii image of your image.
bazinga: adds a bazinga! to your image.
blur: add a level of blur to your image.
blurpify: show that pretty discord blurple color.
bobross: give bob ross a beautiful image to paint.
bobrosszoom: give bob ross a beautiful image to paint but zoomed in.
bodypillowmale: I have this same male body pillow in my room.
changemymind: Go ahead, try to change my mind with your given text.
dateline: Take a seat over there.
deepfry: *sniff* smells good. deepfries an image. Combine with fry and overfry for best results.
dio: IT WAS ME! DIO!
elonmusktweet: I remember that tweet from Elon Musk too.
fry: not quite the deepfry mess yet. Combine with deepfry and overfry for best results.
halloweenify: OoOOoo SpOOOooOOOOOooky colors.
hatkidsays: add text to hat kid says image.
hatkidsmug: add text to hat kid smug face says image.
homie: Sexy Homer looks into your eyes and sees your image in his sunglasses reflection.
ihadto: I had to do it to em.
jojokira: This pleases kira. He is really pleased.
jojoshock: add image or @message/userId someone for Yukako's shocked expression!
jojosmash: add image or @message/userId someone for Jotaro to smash!
jojosmile: add or link an image or @message/userId someone for Jotaro to smile at.
jojowallet: This image was in their wallet.
jpeg: needs more jpeg. Give me an image or @mention someone to jpeg.
loveher: Show your love by @mention or adding a link.
mario: dang this image made mario commit sudoku off a building.
nope: Show your NOPE by @mention or adding a link.
notememe: add image, @message/userId someone, or text for that one passing note meme.
overfry: *sniff* oh it's ruined. Overfries an image. Combine with fry and deepfry for best results.
phonememe: add image or @message/userId someone for that one phone meme.
pixelate: pixelates an image with a given value.
poster: add your image/@message someone for the police to hold up as a poster.
qrcode: creates a QR code from your message.
rdog: supply text to add to retarded dog meme.
sharpen: sharpen an image.
sonicsays: add your text to a "Sonic Says" meme.
sunnyframe: put your image in Frank's (Danny Devito) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia frame. Can also use --quote or --text to get the same image with the quote.
top10battle: top 10 anime battles meme but with your image.
top10betrayal: top 10 anime betrayal meme but with your image.
top10brutal: top 10 brutal anime deaths meme but with your image.
top10sad: top 10 saddest anime meme but with your image.
trumptweet: Wow. Really good tweet.
vsauce: Hey! Vsauce. Michael here! Where are your fingers?
whyfbihere: Son? Why is the FBI here?
aki: play a game with the famous akinator!
amiibolist: Shows your amiibo list
buy: buy pokemon, waifus, infinity stones, memes, cookies, and more! Use daily for points
buywaifu: buy waifus faster.
daily: Your 5000 daily points. Make points with marriages, friends, command using, and voting for me!
deposit: Deposit your points into your bank account to prevent people from stealing and earn interest.
divorce: divorce da ho!
friend: make a friend with their consent of course.
give: give your bought items to your server members!
leaderboard: shows your server's leaderboard! Use leaderboard all to see all
marry: marry someone with their consent of roucrse. The more marriages/friends you have the more, the more points per message!
pokemonlist: Shows your pokemon list!
sell: sell your stuff to get points back.
shield: protect yourself from stealers!
steal: Steal their in hand (not in bank) points, be careful!
trivia: Play some trivia! Ranges from Anime, games, art, and more. Win and earn 30 points!
unfriend: Remove your friend because he is a loser.
user: Find a user's economy stats
waifulist: Shows your waifu list! Remember you can always give away a trash waifu :^)
withdraw: Withdraw your points back into your hand. Be careful! People can steal them!

We got them waifus, them high quality music, them memes, and them custom commands, all just a command away.