Aqua Certified Bots

An useless goddess who plays Radio and has Social System, Fun, Images, Memes and Moderation commands


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Aqua Commands Prefix:

aq, aqua, a>, a!, *, mention

25,348 servers

Music Moderation Fun Economy Anime Game Social Meme Leveling Utility NSFW OSU!

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Created By: Naegin#3349 Certified Developer

Aqua's Commands

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language changes the bot language aqua language
radio plays from aqua radio on | off
profile displays your or someone else's profile aqua profile @Member
marry proposes someone aqua marry @Member
market opens the market aqua market
daily receives daily credits aqua daily
rep gives a reputation point to someone aqua rep @Naegin#3349
setinfo changes your profile info aqua setinfo ShortMessageHere
equip changes your profile banner aqua equip
unmarry aqua unmarry
coins aqua coins
hug gives a hug aqua hug @Someone
kiss kisses someone aqua kiss @Someone
pat headpats said user aqua pat @Someone
slap slaps someone aqua slap @Someone
cuddle cuddles up with someone aqua cuddle @Someone
tickle tickles someone aqua tickle @Someone
pat headpats said user aqua pat @Someone
stare stares at someone aqua stare @Someone
poke pokes someone aqua poke @Someone
lick licks someone aqua lick @Someone
smug, pout, triggered, owo, lewd, nyan, nom, potato, rem, cry, megumin, dab, thumbsup, awoo, bang, blush, what, dance, insult, jojo, shrug, sleepy, smile aqua command
neko sends a random neko image aqua neko | neko lewd
danbooru searches the Danbooru image board for images aqua danbooru Tag
yandere searches the Yandere image board for images aqua yandere Tag
rule34 searches the Rule34 image board for images aqua rule34
cat sends a random cat picture aqua cat
thinking, incoming, nothing, pedo, masterpiece, nbc, explosion aqua command
ban bans the mentioned member aqua ban @Member Reason (reason is optional)
prune prunes the specified number of messages from the channel aqua prune {Amount}
kick kicks the mentioned member aqua kick @Member Reason (reason is optional)
anime displays the details for the specified anime aqua anime {AnimeName}
weather displays the weather for the specified city aqua weather CityName
avatar displays your or someone else's avatar aqua avatar @Member
sayd send a message as the bot aqua sayd Message
help displays the help message aqua help