A small bot with slowly-expanding functionality.

Papi-Bot is a small, privately hosted and developed bot with ever-exanding functionality added over time. She can manage administration, such as kicking and banning, entertain your server members using commands like 8ball or roll or using her music functionality, supply developers with information like User IDs and deploy some info about servers.

Please note that there are a few word triggers, i.e. responses triggered by certain words. If you as a server owner find this annoying or unnecessary, you;re free to send a DM with your Server's name to the bot. I will make haste to add your server to the list of exceptions. (All DM messages are forwarded to me, so you can also use this feature for any feedback you'd like to submit, please mind you that I'm only supplied with your discord tag, so I will most likely not directly reply through her)

As new features are added, their commands will be added in the help-command, so keep an eye open! Once a sufficient amount of servers is reached, she will globally announce new features. If you would like her to not do that on your server, please DM the bot about it and you will be added to a list of exceptions. This list is seperate from the list of word triggers.

Important information

By using this bot and adding it to a guild you agree to the following terms of service:

1. This bot does not permanently save any user- or guild-specific data. It does however log Discord tags, commands and arguments as well as any message sent to it via DM, it does not log any data regarding word triggers.

2. The developer/owner may choose to permanently block users or leave servers at their discretion. This may be due to excessive spam of commands or abusing bugs, but a specific reason does not have to be stated. Blocks are lifted at the developers/owner's discretion.

3. If you or any of your server's members happen to find a bug, you are kindly asked to report it by using the //bug command and create an issue-ticket on the GitHub repo. Thanks!