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Created By: ImRock#3779 Certified Developer

How do i enable welcomer
1) Do +welcomer setchannel then mention the channel after:
+welcomer setchannel #talky-place
2) Do +welcomer enable
+welcomer enable
How do i use text/disable images
1) Do +config set welcomer.use-text True (or False to turn it off)
+config set welcomer.use-text true
2) Do +config set welcomer.use-image False (or True to turn it on)
+config set welcomer.use-text false
3) Do +config apply to save changes
+config apply
How do i change the welcome text
1) Do +config set welcomer.text "Your new welcome text has to be in quotes
+config set welcomer.text "Welcome %MEMBER% to %SERVER_NAME%"
2) Do +config apply
+config apply

Text Formatting
Can be used with Welcomer Image and Text Messages and Welcomer DM Messaging.


%SERVER_NAME% Returns name of server (Discord Server)
%SERVER_MEMBER_COUNT% Returns total users on server (100)
%SERVER_COUNT_SUFFIX% Returns proper ending text for member count (th)
%SERVER_OWNER_NAME% Returns name of owner (Im Rock)
%SERVER_OWNER% Returns name of owner and discriminator (Im Rock#3779)
%SERVER_OWNER_ID% Returns id of owner (143090142360371200)
%MEMBER_NAME% Returns name of new member (iDerp)
%MEMBER% Returns name and discriminator of new member (iDerp#3616)
%MEMBER_ID% Returns id of new user (159074350350336000)


You can put channel ids also in your message by using

You can mention users by using

Or use in combination with %MEMBER_ID% to mention them when they join!

However mentioning channels or users in images will not display properly so just use their name.


Welcome <@%MEMBER_ID> to **%SERVER_NAME%** :thumbsup:
Hello there, **%MEMBER%** :wave:! You are the %SERVER_MEMBER_COUNT%%SERVER_COUNT_SUFFIX% user! :tada:
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its %MEMBER_NAME% ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Welcome to **%SERVER_NAME%**, %MEMBER_NAME%. If you need any assistance you can contact the owner, %SERVER_OWNER%.

How do i change the background image
Please note the image name is case sensitive

1) Refer to +welcomeimages to get a list of all the possible backgrounds so far
1.5) If you want to test them out before setting you can do +previewimage
+previewimage Sun
2) Once you have a background you like do +config set welcomer.background
+config set welcomer.background Sun
3) Then apply changes
+config apply

How to enable autorole
1) Do +autorole setrole . You can specify the role in the form of an id, its name or mention the role
+autorole setrole Humans
2) Enable autorole
+autorole enable
The bot isnt assigning roles!
There can be 2 reasons for this:
1) It simply does not have permission to assign roles (requires MANAGE_ROLES permission)
2) The role has a higher priority than it is trying to assign. To fix this you need to move the Welcomer role that is assigned to the bot higher than the role it is trying to assign as a default role

How do i set a custom image
To be able to use custom images you are requires to upvote the bot
1) Do +welcomer custom
2) Attach an image to your next message
3) That should be it!

Please note only PNGs will work. Also make sure that the bit depth of the image is 32 bit as 16 bit or 24 bit are not supported

How do i mention users in the text welcome message

Its not making images only text
This is because now images are disabled by default and text is enabled by default

How to enable images
+config set welcomer.use-image True
+config apply

How to enable/disable text
+config set welcomer.use-text True/False
+config apply

Ive enabled images but its not welcoming users!
This can be because of a few reasons:
1) It has no permission to send images
2) The background you have specified doesnt actually exist
3) You have formatted welcomer.imagetext incorrect

A quick way to check if it is because your background is not working is to simply do +config get welcomer.background and check if the value actually exists. If it is a custom_ background, try using +welcomer custom again to try reupload your image.

Image text
The image text variable should be in the format Top text|Middle text|Bottom text (on join)|Bottom text (on cmd) even if both bottom text will be the same, you need to make sure they are both properly defined. Settings just as Welcome for image text will not work.

No permission
A quick way to check if it has permission is +dperms to get a list of all permissions. The chance of it not having permission is least likely due to when you add the bot by default it will be shipped with administrator which gives it all permissions

How to change welcome image text
The welcome image consists of 4 parts:
- Top text,
- Middle text,
- Bottom text on join,
- Bottom text on cmd
And are merged into one string with | as a splitter. If it does not follow this format welcome images may not be made. If you do not want a line to have anything, instead of using nothing as text, use a space.

1) Do +config set welcomer.imagetext "This|Is|Your|Text"
1.5) Do +config set welcomer.use-image True to enable images if it already is not
2) Do +config enable to save changes