Just a Discord bots having some features

Created By: Zirk# 0001

Sanara is a Discord bot made with the Discord.NET library.

You can have more informations about her here:
If you have some suggestions/bug reports or you just want to try her, you can come in this Discord server:

List of command:

Manga Module

Anime [name]: Give informations about an anime
Manga [name]: Give informations about a manga

Booru Module

Safebooru [tags]: Request a random image from Safebooru (only SFW images)
Konachan [tags]: Request a random image from Konachan (only wallpapers)
Gelbooru [tags]: Request a random image from Gelbooru (no particular rules)
Rule34 [tags]: Request a random image from Rule34 (mostly weird images)
E621 [tags]: Request a random image from E621 (mostly furries)
E926 [tags]: Request a random image from E926 (mostly furries, only SFW images)

Communication Module

Infos [user]: Give informations about an user
BotInfos: Give informations about the bot
Help: Display the help
GDPR: Give informations the bot have on you and (if you're the server owner) on the server.

Doujinshi Module

Doujinshi [tags]: Request a doujinshi from Nhentai

Game Module

Play shiritori: Play the shiritori game (you need to find a japanese word beginning by the ending of the previous one)
Play kancolle: Play the KanColle guess game (you need to identify shipgirls by an image)
Play booru: Play the booru game (you need to identify tag of Gelbooru images)
Play anime: Play the anime guess game (you need to identify an anime from an excerpt of it)
Note: if you feel like you don't have enough time to answer, you can add 'easy' at the end of the command.

Image Module

Rgb [red /255] [green /255] [blue /255]: Display a color

Kantai Collection Module

Kancolle charac [shipgirl]: Give informations about a shipgirl from KanColle wikia
Kancolle drop [shipgirl]: Give informations about where you can find a shipgirl in Kancolle
Kancolle map [world] [level]: Give informations about a map in Kancolle

Linguistic Module

Hiragana [word]: Transcript a word to hiragana
Katakana [word]: Transcript a word to katakana
Romaji [word]: Transcript a word to romaji
Definition [word]: Translate a word in both japanese and english
Translation [language] [sentence/link to image]: Translate a sentence in the language given

Settings Module

Language [language]: Set the language of the bot for this guild
Prefix [(optional) prefix] Set the prefix of the bot for this guild

Visual Novel Module

Vn [visual novel]: Give informations about a visual novel

Xkcd Module

Xkcd [(optional) comic id]: Give a random xkcd comic

YouTube Module

Youtube [keywords]: Give a YouTube video given some keywords

Thanks for reading this description :)