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A multi-purpose bot, providing utility(anime/manga search, mdn search..) and server management tools(greetings, self-assignables roles...)

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  • Simple but powerful permission system
  • Custom prefix
  • Some fun commands and utility commands
  • Active development (what? its not a feature? kek)
  • Aliases for commands, ofc
  • Server management features
  • Moderation features (modlog, hackban, mute, ban...)
  • Starboard
  • Custom greetings/farewell
  • auto-assignables roles
  • A lot of stuff planned

Invite link and support server

invite link

Support server


  • Aetheryx#2222 Original author of the logger module, also helped to shorten quite a few parts of the code
  • Wolke#5985 For his awesome Rem bot on which Felix is inspired, and his and TheAkio#9380's awesome image api
  • FrostyRaiden#7802 Helped me locate most of the v3 bugs during the beta, and if you ever feel like thanking someone for Felix's pretty easy self-hosting, thanks him ^
  • Karen#3938 The best for the end, basically Felix wouldn't even be alive without him ^