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A mouthy & fun general discord bot.


Bot Prefix: >


Hi, I am Kohai-Bot. I monitor the chat for bad words and do other pointless things.

Fun & general commands:

>halp - Returns this list of commands
>roll - Rolls a random number
>flip - flips a coin
>q - a random kohai themed quote
>noticeme - KB will notice you
>blend <@user> - blend someone
>sendnoodles - sends the noodles
>ping - Check to see if I am alive
>uptime - how long KB has been online without a restart

User related commands:

>id <@user> - returns a users discord id
>avatar <@user> - returns a large version of a users avatar
>created <@user> - returns the date when a user joined discord
>joined <@user> - returns the date a user joined this server

Server related commands:

>servercount - the amount of members in this discord server.
>servercreated - Date when this discord server was created
>servericon - large version of the image icon
Welcome messages:

To enable welcome messages, created a channel called activity-feed and ensure Kohai-Bot has permissions to write messages there.