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Paladins Stats Bot. Know your stats directly in Discord!

PaladinsGeek Commands Prefix: p!

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Created By: Kef#8576 Certified Developer

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

PaladinsGeek helps you know different stats about Paladins game directly in Discord!
It supports all platforms: PC, PS4 and XBOX!!

Stats Commands:

Command Description
p!help Help command
p!stats {Player} {Platform} Gets general player stats
p!last {Player} {Platform} Gets last match stats
p!compare {Player 1} {Player 2} {Platform} Compares 2 players' stats
p!champ {Player} {Champion Name} {Platform} Gets champion's data
p!comparechamp {Player 1} {Player 2} {Champion Name} {Platform} Compares stats for specific champion between two players
p!loadouts {Player} {Champion} {Platform} Shows loadouts for a player's champion
p!siege {Player} {Platform} Siege queue stats
p!tdm {Player} {Platform} Team Deathmatch queue stats
p!comp {Player} {Platform} Competitive queue stats
p!onslaught {Player} {Platform} Onslaught queue stats

Server Admin Commands:

Command Description
p!annchannel {Channel name or mention} Sets announcements channel
p!togann Toggles announcements on/off
p!statuschannel {Channel name or mention} Sets a channel to which downtimes/updates from Hi-Rez server status will be posted
p!twitterchannel {Channel name or mention} Sets a channel to which Twitter feed from @PaladinsGame will be posted

Info Commands:

Command Description
p!patchnotes Displays the latest Paladins Patch Notes
p!invite Add PaladinsGeek bot to your server
p!partners Some of the best Paladins servers that we're partnered with
p!giveaway View current giveaways by the PaladinsGeek team
p!info Displays various info about the bot itself